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Get In On A Real good thing!

For Bitches Only ® Affair

Got your Attention, huh, didn’t we?
The Trademark (logo) tends to do just that to people everywhere.
Think you might be interested in “Having An Affair” and making money in the process?
Well, we have a program whereby you too can do it.
We have a line of top-quality items featuring the “FOR BITCHES ONLY”® trademark that will get potential customer’s attention just as readily as it got yours. And, we can supply you with sale promotion items (i.e., Invitations, banners, etc.) to help you have a successful affair.

People everywhere are enjoying the humor and wisdom of the“ FOR BITCHES ONLY”® credo, printed on the back of our products.

We want you to bring smiles to the faces of friends, family, fashion freaks, and just plain folks wanting to own fabulous “FOR BITCHES ONLY”® products.

Here’s How to get started making money and lost of friends!

FIRST: You will need sample kit of the many items in our line of merchandise.

If the local country club is unavailable or all the hotel ballrooms are booked, use a home (maybe the backyard).

Invite all the people you have on your hippest guest list (the “A” list) to your first affair (they’ll spread the word).
Do the fun things you already know how to do to have a swinging good time. Then, stop the music. Make sure you have plenty sharpened pencils and good supply of order forms. Break out the “FOR BITCHES ONLY”® merchandise and start taking orders.

You will be amazed at how the merchandise just seems to sell itself.
These are fun items, These are quality Items. These are "must have" items. These are sales bonanza items!
Our consultants can help with suggestions and details. We will supply you with sales promotion items (i.e., invitations, banners, etc.). We what you to be a successful representative and merchandiser “FOR BITCHES ONLY”®

Build a whole fashion show around the theme of “FOR BITCHES ONLY”®
However, to present a publicity advertised show using the “FOR BITCHES ONLY” ® trademark (logo) you will need prior approval (in writing) from our offices.

Let’s face it. Fun sells. A show built around the “FOR BITCHES ONLY”® theme featuring lingerie, sleepwear, casual wear undergarments; lounge wear (for both sexes), and slinky evening dresses combined with the solid fun of the “FOR BITCHES ONLY”® line of merchandise can be the basis for a dynamite affair.

Of Course, you can use the line as a theme for many occasions and/or events: i.e.; bridal showers, bachelor bashes, birthdays, campus activities, and various kinds of parties graduations, promotions, Etc.

You may choose to have private showings or to sell the items through a retail outlet such as a boutique or specialty shop.

Ideas abound.
"For Bitches Only ® " is a Registred Trademark Of B.J. Mc Elmore Ent. Copyright 1984-2023 © All Rights Reserved
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