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Since the beginning of the Women's Movement it has become increasingly clear to people the qualities and characteristics that negatively define the "liberated woman" are the same as those positively defining astute, successful, upward mobile businessman/entrepreneur (male only, of  course) yet, are used to negatively categorize women as "Bitches.'' 
 We are aware of how the meaning of words linguistically change over time (etymology).  Once the word 'starve simply meant "to die" -- of any course. Now we say "I'm starving  "when we mean we merely would like a bite to nibble on.
Now here come ''rappers'' using the word bitch in a totally malicious and derogatory manner. We strive to proffer the word in its most rightfully positive light. Down with the old standard.
FBO (and hundreds who have  communicated with us) defines the word BITCH as those who are independent assertive, confident, aggressive, open -minded, hard-nosed, free-spirited, astute, intelligent, out-spoken, proud, self-assured, with high self-esteem. 
Darlings and Sweethearts are the ones who were once considered nice, soft-hearted, good-natured, who can always be counted on for anything, who receives little or nothing in return, taken for granted, and taken advantage of or and used until made to feel like a doormat lacking the strength to defend themselves. These are the ones who need to fight back and learn to say ''NO!'' (not to everybody but to those who should be told exactly where to get off .)
What is most intriguing about  this positive postulation is the term  is not gender specific. It is equally applicable to both the male and female of the human species. So, yes, men can be bitches too--and should aspire to be.
So you ask :''Is Liz?  Oprah? Cher? Hillary? Tina? Barbra (Streisand)? Eartha? Whoppi? Madonna? Donald?  Zsa Zsa? (You can bet your bottom dollar they are --whether they know it or admit it.) It is long past time for the bitches  of the world to step forward and declare themselves -unashamed, chic, and decidedly gender positive.
"FOR BITCHES ONLY®" has been featured or had ads for products published in Woman, New Woman, L A Weekly, Downtown News, Cosmopolitan, Playboy, Playgirl among others -- even sold at court house snack stands.
B.J. MC Elmore © 1987

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Relates to those who fit the positive definition and valiantly refuse to allow anyone to walk over them -those who are strong enough to wear the mantle with dignity and a sense of humor.


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